Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions
Non refundable. Non transferable. Resale is illegal.

Zoo de Granby Tickets

You will need to present the credit card used to make the purchase as well as a piece of photo ID.
The Zoo de Granby and all its employees cannot be held responsible for the occurrence of accidents, for the loss or theft of items, and this, in all of its facilities, including all the sites, paths, attractions, pavilions, parking sites, entrances and exits.
In the event of an emergency and/or extreme weather conditions, Zoo administrators reserve the right to temporarily close access to the Zoo site and/or one of its components, within regular opening hours, and this without any compensation. At all times, the Zoo de Granby reserves the right to limit or close certain components of the Zoo de Granby.  
Companion animals are not allowed on the site of the Zoo de Granby.
The Zoo de Granby is a non-smoking zoo on the entirety of its site with the exception of designated zones.
Consult our website for regulations applying to the Amazoo water park as well as the rides park.
Any person in breach of the site's safety instructions and general regulations, specific to the facilities, will lose the privileges conferred by the membership and will therefore be immediately evicted from the site.


1-   The membership issued by the Société zoologique de Granby allows its owner unlimited access to the Zoo de Granby and the Amazoo Water Park (closed during the winter), according to the valid dates of the membership chosen.

2-   The holder may obtain a rebate ranging between 50% to 100% on the admission price at AZA accredited zoos that participate to the AZA Reciprocal Program (please refer to the list given with the pass).  Also, with your subscription to the zoo, you are entitled to many privileges; see the complete list at zoodegranby.com/members-privileges.

3-   Upon presentation of his or her card, the pass holder will receive a 15% discount at our restaurants and gift shops, on all regular priced merchandise.  Alcoholic beverages are not included in this discount.  The card must be presented prior to the transaction.

4-   The pass is valid only when used by its owner and should at no time be sold, transferred or exchanged; requests for refunds will not be accepted.

5-   A photograph of its owner must appear on the pass card.  Only one card can be assigned to an individual.

6-   Children under 13 years of age who are not accompanied by an adult will be denied access to the zoo.  Moreover, the Zoo acquits itself of any responsibilities in regards to children under 13 years of age left to fend for themselves on the site, except for the responsibilities mentioned in its internal regulations; the Zoo might also take rightful action in the event of negligence on the part on the accompanying adult(s).

7-   Upon presentation of his or her pass at the ticket booth, its owner will be allowed free access to the Zoo de Granby's grounds.

8-   Lost cards can be replaced by the Société zoologique de Granby at a cost of $5; in this event, the old pass number will be cancelled and a new number will be activated.

9.   Upon request, additional cards will be issued for pass holders for a fee of $5 per card.

10-  Alcoholic beverages and glass containers cannot be brought onto the site.

11-  In case of an emergency or inclement weather, the Administration of the Société zoologique de Granby reserves the right to temporarily close access to the site or to one of its components, during regular visiting hours, without any compensation to the visitor.

12-  At all times, the Société zoologique de Granby reserves the right to limit access or close down some of the Zoo de Granby's components.

13-  The Société zoologique de Granby reserves the right at all times to confiscate a pass card if its owner's behaviour and/or actions are judged inappropriate or if they seriously contravene to the rules of conduct in effect on the Zoo de Granby's grounds.  No refund will be granted.

14-  The pass cannot be combined with any other promotion.

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